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Becoming More Real to Our Kids


Adoption Today (Feb 2010)The February 2010 issue of Adoption Today features an article entitled Becoming More Real to My Kids.  The article focuses on the need for us as parents to more fully embrace our children holistically, including those parts of their past and present which can be difficult and painful.  Similiar to some of the issues that we focused on in our presentation, Talking With Children About the Difficult Realities of Adoption and Foster Care, at the 2009 Tapestry Conference, this article highlights the importance of parents being willing and able to join their children on their journey.  As I write in article, “The difficult reality is that but for the difficult realities of my children’s past we would not be the family we are. I love who we are and who they are. I love all of each of them. So instead of running from these things, I want to choose to run toward them, hand in hand with my kids. By doing so I believe I have the opportunity to become even more “real” to them, and to make more real the redemptive story that God is writing with our lives.”

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