Children from hard places have been impacted, often significantly, by their histories. These impacts vary, but often include changes in their brain development and brain chemistry. In addition, many of these children simply do not have much (or any) experience or understanding of what a healthy family looks like and how it functions. As a result, these children need parents who are committed and equipped to help them learn and practice the skills and life values that will allow them to appropriately communicate their needs and wants, resolve conflict and navigate relationships in a healthy way.

In this brief video, Dr. Karyn Purvis explains why it is important for parents to find creative ways to help children from hard places learn life values. She also provides a helpful demonstration of one of these creative approaches involving the use of puppet play.

In order to further help your child learn and practice important life values, download these Life Values Scripts and begin to use them consistently with your child. Also, as your child’s “coach” remember to look for creative ways (such as puppet play, skits or other playful approaches) to help your child “practice” these skills.