Created to Connect Study Guide

Created To Connect: A Christian’s Guide to The Connected Child

Created To Connect is designed to help illuminate the biblical principles that serve as the foundation for the philosophy and interventions detailed in The Connected Child. You can download (free of charge) a pdf file of the entire study guide or chapter-by-chapter.

“Alongside unparalleled joys, adoption can bring deep struggles as well. Times of disappointment, sacrifice, and even sorrow may well be part of the journey. To nurture adopted children to their full potential and connect with them deeply requires not only love but also the knowledge and practical tools for loving well. This study guide provides the understanding parents need to pair their love with wisdom, discernment, and skill.  It brings together some of the nation’s very best experts on what adopted children and their families experience, and how parents can forge deep and lasting bonds with their children, even in the face of great difficulty.”

Jedd Medefind, CAFO

“While not expressly a “Bible Study,” this study guide does an excellent job of recapturing the essence of each chapter of The Connected Child and then exploring its principles through the lens of a biblical worldview.  One of the hardest things to accomplish in a discussion-based resource is to ask good questions.  However, Dr. Purvis and the Monroes have done it well.  If you are part of an adoptive family support group, this study guide is a must.  If your church does not have an adoptive family support group, having this study guide in hand should give you the confidence to start one. Dr. Purvis and the Monroes have stepped into a gaping hole in the landscape of Christian adoption resources and have done it well.”

Jason Weber, CAFO

“The wounds of childhood trauma are deep and dark. The Created To Connect study guide introduced us to new insights and practical applications for parenting children from hard places. It helped us develop skills and strategies to help our children unlearn inappropriate coping and self-protective behaviors that lead to isolation and pain while recovering and learning life skills that nurture connectedness. As the battle was raging we almost concluded otherwise, but the insights offered by Empowered to Connect convinced us again …THERE IS HOPE!”

Dan and Terri Coley, Show Hope

“The Created to Connect study guide highlights important biblical principles and moves parents past just knowing concepts, to actually begin applying and living out this excellent counsel!  Lifesong believes in this resource so much that we are providing a free copy to every adoptive family we give an adoption grant/loan to.  The kids God has called us to are too precious…the time is too short…and the potential impact too significant to overlook this incredible resource!”

Andy Lehman, Lifesong for Orphans


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