Empowered To Connect has created a discussion guide for the Insights & Gifts Video Series. This discussion guide was designed primarily for use in a small group setting where parents have the opportunity to share openly and learn from others.  However, we believe that parents will also find this video series and the discussion guide beneficial for individual use or use as a couple.

Download the Insights & Gifts Discussion Guide free of charge by clicking here.  View the Insights & Gifts Video Series by clicking here.

After viewing each of the Insights & Gifts video segments, participants are encouraged to thoughtfully consider and discuss the Questions for Discussion in the discussion guide.  We have also included additional questions for each segment, Questions for Going Deeper, that require a bit more self-evaluation and vulnerability, as well as some suggestions for additional resources that may be helpful.

We pray that parents (and parents-to-be) will be greatly blessed and encouraged by the Insights & Gifts Video Series and this discussion guide.