Our desire is to make available highly relevant information and resources through this site and to do so free of charge.  However, occasionally we share with you great resources which are only available for purchase.  Such is the case with Dr. Purvis’ Lecture Series DVDs.  This DVD series contains footage from campus lectures given by Dr. Purvis and can be ordered online.  The cost is $60 per DVD (or $250 for the complete set of five DVDs) plus shipping.

These highly educational and practical talks are well worth the cost.  The Lecture Series contains the following five topical DVDs:

Parent-Child Attachment

The attachment relationship betwen parents and their children is one of the most cherished experiences of our lives. This DVD will focus on recognizing features of the attachment relationship, how to help you child heal from attachment problems, and facing your own attachment, so that you can become a healer for your child. Information shared in this seminar is designed to enrich your understanding of attachment, both theoretically and practically, and to provide a rich foundation for adoptive parents and their children.

Facilitating Behavioral Change

One of the most commonly asked questions for the staff at The Institute of Child Development is how to deal with “problem behaviors.” In this DVD Dr. Purvis explores the concepts of the Connecting and Correcting Principles. The information in this session will give you an introduction to the unique approach developed by Dr. Purvis and will give you some examples of how to apply these principles to real life situations.

Healing Research

This seminar will help parents and professionals understand how past and current research gives insights into the behaviors of at-risk children. Dr. Purvis will focus on undertanding how physiological alterations are induced by neglect, abuse or trauma.

Sensory Integration

A key element of normal development is the capacity to process and regulate environmental imput. Children with backgrounds of social deprivation are at very high risk for disorders in this area. Dr. Purvis will explain risk factors for Sensory Dysfunction, warning signs and provide an opportunity to engage in intervention activities.

Neurochemistry of Fear

The fundamental goal of this seminar is to empower parents and professionals to become healers in the lives of at-risk children and to discuss interventions developed through our work with families of at-risk children. Tragically, children who have been harmed, neglected and/or abused are at significantly increased risk for behavioral disorders, relationship failures and early-onset mental illness. This seminar will present specific skills and insights garnered from research with at-risk children on how to disarm fear responses that drive their aberrant behavior. Initial discussion will center on understanding of brain chemistry and how neurotransmitter testing to enhance therapeutic approaches.

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