A Crafting Series

By: Jill Stockburger

As social distancing settles, opportunities emerge for us to be closer to those within our homes while at the same time experiencing the loss and more deeply understanding the value of others who hold space in our lives, such as friends, teachers, and others. It is a time of double-dip feelings for sure!

And, that is where creativity welcomes us to explore connection in different ways. We were made for relationship, and the arts tenderly open a space to both hold and bear witness to all those love connectors.

So, here is a little real hope coming your way. It is an in home exercise as you and your dear ones explore all the big feelings and wiggles, wiggles, wiggles that come with our new normal for the weeks to come. Check back regularly for more crafting sessions to be published in the next several weeks.

Origami Butterflies

Supplies: paper (any color; any pattern), markers, colored pencils, or crayons, string, and your exploratory hands, mind, and heart!

4+…bring it on adults!

Exercise:Take one sheet of paper and write, draw, or even paint the name or picture of the person or place you are missing.

Afterwards, turn the paper on a diagonal line and begin to fold it back and forth like a paper fan. The edges will NOT line up since it is on a diagonal line; butterfly wings have an undulating shape too.

With the second sheet of paper, write, draw, or paint your favorite activities, memories, moments, or things you wish you could do or tell that person or place. Afterwards, keep the paper on a straight line and begin to fold the paper back and forth like a paper fan. The edges will line up with this piece; it is the body of the butterfly.

Next, place the center of the diagonal folded piece of paper on top of the center of the horizontal piece of paper. Tie the centers together with a piece of string and gently spread the folds a bit on either side. Watch the wings spread.

Finally, decide what you would like to do with your butterfly. Release it by letting it “fly” getting some fresh air and moving your body. Create a collection of connection/ memory butterflies creating a mobile. Your imagination can make them soar!

Other options:The exercise can be done using paper airplanes by placing the two images on either side of a single piece of paper. Then, get folding your airplane to fly those wishes.

Using the two pieces of paper within the butterfly design, place an experienced feeling on one side and then find an ancient proverb, inspirational quote, or bible verse that provides direction to the experienced feeling on the other side.

Create a neighborhood tree where encouraging notes are left in the butterflies for others or for people to just see.

Don’t forget: Ask questions or make observations throughout the exercise as to what the materials feels like? What other experiences does it remind you of? What feelings are bubbling up? What memories or dreams emerge and where do you feel them in your body?

PS: Be keeping all those toilet paper rolls 😉 We have a creative, mindfulness exercise coming your way soon!

About the author: Jill Stockburger is a counseling intern with Memphis Family Connection Center as she obtains her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy through Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass.
Jill loves to see all the arts modalities of visual art, music, drama, dance, and creative writing integrated with TBRI principles.
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