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 We know trauma and adversity are affecting our communities. But what should we DO with that information? Browse resources and training that can give you REAL strategies to go beyond knowledge about trauma and into responsive care.

Organization Training

Looking for more individualized training and support? We would love to come alongside you and support your team as you seek to serve those in your local community. Reach out for individualized online or in-person training.

Cultivate Connection Facilitator Training

Do you support parents and caregivers through your organization? Consider sending a member of your team or community to Facilitator Training. This training equips Facilitators with 18 hours of parenting content that is practical and transformative for families!

Click below to learn more about the training process, schedule, pricing, and answers to frequently asked questions!

Connecting Practices Handbook + Mini-Course

Dive into practical tools and guidance that will enhance your caregiving skills and deepen your connection with children of all ages. From fostering emotional well-being to cultivating positive relationships, the Connecting Practices mini-course provides an easy-to-implement roadmap for becoming a confident and adept caregiver. Each Connecting Practice comes with a 10 minute video, an excerpt from the Connecting Practices Handbook, and “where to start” suggestions.

Connecting Practices
Model of Change
Trauma Competency Continuum