Our Programs

Training, Consulting, and Therapeutic Services

Our Programs

ETC’s programs include a mixture of training, advocacy,
consulting, and therapeutic services.

Empowered to Connect (ETC)

Empowered to Connect (ETC) is a dynamic network of programs aimed at increasing access to holistic care for individuals, families, and communities.

ETC has developed attachment-rich, trauma-informed, and healing-centered resources that inform better care practices, prioritizing root causes and community support.

At every level, ETC journeys alongside families and communities toward greater healing and hope. ETC’s programs include a mixture of training, advocacy, consulting, and therapeutic services.

ETC Institute

National and Global

The ETC Institute believes that given the knowledge and
support they need, people can overcome adversity, grow, and thrive. Working at the individual, family, and community level, the Institute develops research-based resources, curriculum and training that is shared with parents, caregivers, and community stakeholders to help build more nurturing environments for healing and well-being.

Information leads to transformation through applying knowledge. We equip individuals, parents, caregivers, and community stakeholders with the skills and practices they need to experience hope, healing, and lasting change.

Safe & Secure TN


Safe and Secure TN is a collaborative program with the shared
goal of reducing the impact of adverse childhood experiences and trauma in Tennessee. This is done through training with local, regional, and state community-based organizations, child welfare agencies, and houses of worship to build capacity for implementing attachment-based, trauma-informed healing care within and across systems.

Memphis Family Connection Center

Shelby County, Tennessee

Memphis Family Connection Center (MFCC) provides holistic therapeutic care for families and individuals in Memphis, Tennessee. With a multidisciplinary integrated model of care for the entire family, MFCC helps families move from simple survival to deep connection, awareness, and joy. Available therapies include mental health therapy and counseling, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.