Parents & Caregivers

Where’s the instruction manual for this parenting thing? While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, there ARE some principles that can help! Browse resources and training that can provide the community and support you need, right where you are. 

Connecting Practices Handbook + Mini-Course

Dive into practical tools and guidance that will support your caregiving skills and deepen your connection with children of all ages. From fostering emotional well-being to cultivating positive relationships, the Connecting Practices Mini-Course provides an easy-to-implement roadmap for becoming a confident and adept caregiver. Each Connecting Practice comes with a 10-minute video, an excerpt from the Connecting Practices Handbook, and “where to start” suggestions.

Cultivate Connection

Cultivate Connection is a parenting class that was designed to be delivered BY parents FOR parents! This class will go beyond the basics and give practical suggestions you can start implementing in your home and family! You can find a local facilitator or look for an online class!

Do you support other parents in your community? Do you find yourself in leadership positions? Consider participating in Facilitator Training. This training equips you with 18 hours of peer-to-peer parenting content that is practical and transformative for families! No special degrees needed to apply!

Learn more about the Facilitator Training process, schedule, pricing, and answers to frequently asked questions!

For Christian Parents and Communities: Theology of Connection

Explore God’s heart for connection, displayed throughout Scripture in the Theology of Connection. Walk through the Biblical foundations for ETC’s 9 Connecting Practices. This Guide is perfect for Sunday Schools, team conversations, or even individual journaling.

Connecting Practices
Model of Change
Stress Capacity
Holiday Tips
Wheel of Emotions
Whole Child Approach
Behavior Is Communication
Nurture & Structure
Play Personalities
Caregiver Styles & Shared Power
Practice the Pause
Connecting Strategies
Created to Connect: A Christian’s Guide to The Connected Child

Created To Connect: A Christian’s Guide to The Connected Child was created by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Michael & Amy Monroe to help illuminate the biblical principles that serve as the foundation for the philosophy and interventions detailed in Dr. Purvis’ book, The Connected Child. This study guide is designed to help adoptive and foster parents better understand how to build strong and lasting connections with their children, and is ideal for use in small groups as well as by individuals or couples.