Empowered to Connect Podcast
Empowered to Connect Podcast
Parenting in a Pandemic with Jesse Faris - Ep7

Have you been wondering what the secret to effective parenting is during a pandemic? We have too! Spoiler alert – we don’t have THE answer, but we do have ETC Parent Trainer Jesse Faris as our guest to talk about some of the ways we can parent (and care for ourselves) more effectively during a historically hard time to parent and give nurturing care to our kids.

Jesse, Tona Ottinger and host JD Wilson talk about what’s been working and discoveries that have been made in the quest to not lose our ever-loving minds in quarantine…

To purchase the Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey, click here! **Life Hack – the audiobook is great and is available through Audible at the same link above…

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