Empowered to Connect Podcast
Empowered to Connect Podcast
Family Spotlight: Everyone is Watching You With Matthew and Anteelah Love

Our Family Spotlight Series continues this week with ETC Parent Trainers Matthew and Anteelah Love! Matthew and Anteelah both work in education and have the unique viewpoints of having fostered, adopted and had biological kids. They share personal testimony on how shifting their paradigm has not only impacted their nuclear family but also the perspective of their close community. Listen in for their powerful insight on why it’s vital for us to understand our surroundings and who is watching us as we parent our kiddos! To learn more about Empowered to Connect or to find more of ETC’s resources, check us out on our YouTube channel:https://youtube.com/c/EmpoweredtoConnect or follow us on Facebook or Instagram!



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