Empowered to Connect Podcast
Empowered to Connect Podcast
Family Spotlight: The Power of Being a Reflective Parent with Dan and Terri Coley

Today we start a new series on the ETC Podcast that we’re calling our ‘Family Spotlights’ series! We’ll talk to parents on the connected parenting journey and hear what they’ve learned, what they wish they’d known and any advice they’ve got for others on this journey!

Today we start off with two of our favorite people on earth, Dan and Terri Coley! You may know Dan and Terri from their time hosting the Empowered to Connect Conferences or you may have listened to Dan’s episode of the ETC Podcast – whether you know Dan and Terri or not, by the end of the interview you will absolutely love them. Dan and Terri talk about the challenges they faced early on in their parenting journey, what it means to be reflective and to consider your past and what advice they’ve got for those parenting now. 

The importance of their call for us to examine our hearts and always be willing to learn from your kids cannot be understated, please make time to listen now to Dan and Terri Coley!

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