Empowered to Connect Podcast
Empowered to Connect Podcast
How Understanding the Sensory System Changes Everything with Occupational Therapist Mistie Hanks!

Last week Amanda Purvis introduced us to the brain, body and behavior connection. This week, OT Mistie Hanks joins us as we take a deeper dive into why understanding sensory processing is an absolute game changer! Mistie walks us through everything from understanding ours and our kids’ sensory systems to some practical ways you can support growth in these areas.

We also take a look at how trauma affects the senses and then what every parent needs to know if they’re seeing perplexing behavior. Don’t miss it! 

For more on the brain, body and behavior connection and to read about hundreds of practical tips on a complete sensory diet for your kids, check out the book Amanda recommended in the interview: The Out of Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz

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