How did we get here? America’s racial history with Dr. Charles McKinney – Ep2

How did we get here? Civil Rights Historian Dr. Charles McKinney joins us to discuss the history of the civil rights struggle in America, being a black parent in 2020 and advice for transracial adoptive parents with their children of color. A word to our majority culture (white) listeners: as many have noted over the past few weeks, there is a deep need for listening and learning about the plight of our black and brown brothers and sisters. This conversation with Dr. McKinney is not the end all be all - rather it is a starting point for many of us as we journey together to bring healing and peace to our families, our communities and the systems that govern them.  To connect further with our guest today, the brilliant Dr. Charles McKinney, find him on Twitter @CharlesWMcKinn2 and buy his books here! Love the podcast? Hate it? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram!

What is ETC? – Ep1

In episode 1, we're joined by Mo and Tona Ottinger, who give leadership to Empowered to Connect! We talk about what Empowered to Connect is - how it started, the core ideas and one major shift - moving to 'healing centered engagement and what that means.  To learn more about ETC, visit us at our website, follow us on Instagram or find us on Facebook!