Empowered to Connect Podcast
Empowered to Connect Podcast
Talking to Your Kids About Sex Pt.2 - Ep14

It’s Part 2 of the conversation many of us dread. The sex talk, and for those of with kids who were adopted or are in foster care, the layers added into an already complicated conversation can feel like a bridge too far. Last week we aired Part 1 of our conversation with Dr. Katherine Blackney, a certified Clinical Sex Therapist who’s been counseling for almost 20 years. She joined us and began walking us through the process of raising your kids with healthy conversations about their bodies and sex. In part one of our conversation with Dr. Blackney we learned that this is not a single conversation, but an ongoing process that weaves from preschool all the way to adulthood.  This week we cover puberty and the teenage years – how do we help our kids navigate these impossible years healthily while keeping the parent-child relationship in tact? Listen to Part 2 to find out!

To learn more about Dr. Blackney and her practice, check out her website here!



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