Empowered to Connect Podcast
Empowered to Connect Podcast
The Power of Being Present with Dan Coley - Throwback Episode!

If you attended Show Hope’s ‘Hope for the Journey’ Conference, you were introduced to Dan and Terri Coley. Longtime friends of Empowered to Connect, Dan and Terri have built a legacy of parenting wisdom and mentorship in the connected parenting world. Episode 5 of the ETC Podcast featured Dan, Mo Ottinger and our host, JD Wilson talking about the power of being present and it still today is one of our most listened to episodes ever. 

We thought it would be fitting today to throw back to that episode – if you’ve not yet listened, we’re so excited for you to do so! Dan, Mo and JD discuss why it’s often so difficult for dads to be present and their own stories of doing the heart work necessary to be able to really engage the hearts of the people they love.

Please enjoy this conversation with one of our favorite humans on earth, Dan Coley.

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