Our guests today have bios too long to fit in this section, but many of you know their work. Steven Curtis Chapman is the most decorated Christian Music Artist of all time. With over 11 million albums sold, 49 #1 hits and 5 Grammys, Steven’s been making music successfully for the better part of 3 decades. His wife, Mary Beth Chapman is a New York Times Bestselling Author for her book Choosing to See and the President of Show Hope – a non profit organization aimed at reducing the barriers to adoption.

While many of you may be familiar with Steven’s music or the work of Show Hope, you may not be familiar with the story behind the Chapmans themselves or Show Hope’s origin story (and we think you’ll love it). Steven and Mary Beth join us to talk about everything from how they met to a 10 year old upending their lives, the founding of Show Hope and the transformation the organization has undergone since it began in 2003. 

We also announce the exciting news about the Hope for the Journey Conference (formerly the Empowered to Connect Conference) and talk about the format for this year and some of the featured speakers – including our own Mo and Tona Ottinger! The one-day event is happening April 9th and will be viewable for two months after it premieres! You won’t want to miss this opportunity, register today!

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