Empowered to Connect Podcast
Empowered to Connect Podcast
Throwback Episode: When Self Care Doesn't Cut It with Carissa Woodwyk

As we finish moving into our new space, we wanted to hit you with one more throwback episode. We’ll be jumping back in with a brand new episode which will air NEXT WEEK! We felt it appropriate to bring back our good friend Carissa Woodwyk talking about what to do when ‘self care’ doesn’t cut it…

Self care is a hot topic these days – in fact, it’s been a topic of conversation on our show several times. What happens, though, when your self care doesn’t cut it? When you still find yourself empty and searching for what you need to care for your people well? Marriage and Family Therapist and longtime friend of ETC Carissa Woodwyk joins us to talk about how we have to move beyond self care to self compassion to be whole. 

To learn more about Carissa’s work and thoughts, follow her on Instagram @weneedoneanother or like her on Facebook !

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