Empowered to Connect Podcast
Empowered to Connect Podcast

Dr. Michele Borba is an Educational Psychologist who has spent the last 4 decades studying resilience. In her latest book, “Thrivers”, she shares the results of compiling years of resilience research from across the globe – resilience is built, not born. In the midst of so much stress, uncertainty and unplanned disruption to our everyday lives, we couldn’t think of a better time to have Michele on to talk to us about building resilient kids. 

We discuss the fascinating research from different people groups, historical time periods and geographical locations that led her to this discovery and what happened when she sat down to work with Navy SEALS that blew her mind. 

She was generous enough to share lots of resources with us – before downloading these resources, be sure to buy Michele’s book!

– To download the Parent Guide to Thrivers, click here!

– To download the child Character Strengths Assessment, click here and

– To download the 7 Essential Character Traits of Thrivers pdf, click here!

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