Each year the Christian Alliance for Orphans hosts its annual Summit. At Summit VII in 2011 Dr. Karyn Purvis was featured as one of the keynote speakers.

In this brief 20 minute talk, Dr. Purvis shares some fascinating insights about the way in which we were created by God to connect. As revealed in Scripture and confirmed by science, all humans are designed as relational beings. Yet ‘children from hard places’ have missed out on so much of the nurture and development that is ideal and serves to build a strong foundation of trust early in life. As a result, adoptive and foster parents must be committed and uniquely equipped to lead these children toward healing.

Reflecting Your Child’s Preciousness – Karyn Purvis (CAO Summit VII – 2011)

Find out more about Summit VIII on May 3-4, 2012, at Saddleback Church in Southern California.

Below is the short video (Still Face Experiment by Dr. Edward Tronick) referenced by Dr. Purvis in her talk: