The mission of Empowered To Connect is to offer hope and help to adoptive and foster families. We believe that one of the most effective ways to accomplish this over the long-term is to encourage and equip churches to create healthy and holistic adoption and foster care ministries. And in order for our churches to do this, they must be willing to provide education and practical support for families in the post-placement phase of the adoption and foster care journey. This is a big challenge no doubt; but it is one that our churches must rise up to meet.

Dr. Karyn Purvis and Amy Monroe recently led a webinar (hosted by the Christian Alliance for Orphans) entitled The Post-Placement Journey, where they offered insights and resources to equip adoption and foster care ministries to help families meet the challenges of loving, nurturing and building strong relationships with children from hard places. You can listen and follow along with the webinar below:

For more resources that can help you develop a holistic adoption and foster care ministry in your church, vist Tapestry’s Resources for Churches as well as the Christian Alliance for Orphan’s Resource Library.