Facilitator Training Process

Empowered to Connect®  Facilitator Training is offered three times each year. To meet the needs of our course participants, our Cultivate Connection Facilitators are seasoned parents with personal experience in parenting or professional expertise working with children who…

  • have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) 
  • are neurodiverse
  • were adopted or are in foster care
  • have complex medical needs

Empowered to Connect® Cultivate Connection is taught from a faith neutral perspective that is suitable for a variety of backgrounds. Cultivate Connection includes Theology of Connection, an optional supplemental resource taught from a Christian perspective. Cultivate Connection Facilitator Training will include an optional Theology of Connection session.

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Training Process & Cost

Empowered to Connect®  Cultivate Connection Facilitator Training is a nine-week training process for parents. 

Training includes two Phases:

Phase 1: 8 Weeks of Online Training (2.5 hr per week)
Phase 2: 3 Day in Person Training

The fee for Empowered to Connect Facilitator Training is:

$750 (individual)
$1400 (couple)

In addition, participants are required to cover the cost of their travel and lodging for Phase 2.

2023 Dates & Locations

Summer 2023 Facilitator Training

Application Window: January 23, 2023 – March 23, 2023

  • Phase 1 / Online
    • Tuesdays from 7:00pm-9:30pm CST
    • May 23-July 18, 2023
  • Phase 2 / Memphis, TN
    • 8:00am Thursday-4:00pm CST Saturday
    • July 27-29, 2023

Fall 2023 Facilitator Training

Application Window: April 5, 2023 – July 5, 2023

  • Phase 1 / Online
    • Tuesdays from 7:00pm-9:30pm CST
    • September 5 – October 24, 2023
  • Phase 2 / Memphis, TN
    • 8:00am Thursday-4:00pm CST Saturday
    • November 9-11, 2023

*The ETC Team is gauging accessibility for International Participants. If you are outside of the United States, and travel cost or time zone differences would prevent you from participating in Phase 1 or Phase 2 of Facilitator Training, please use this Contact form to let us know what barriers you are facing.*

Ready to take a step towards becoming a part of the Cultivate Connection Facilitator Team?

Our Summer Training Application window is open NOW! Apply between January 23-March 23 to be considered for our summer cohort!

In order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the Facilitator Training experience, class sizes are limited and a Cohort model facilitates networking and relationship building opportunities with other Facilitators.

A committee of experienced ETC Staff and Cultivate Connection Facilitators will review all submitted applications and make selections for who will be accepted to attend based on application criteria, level of experience, and class size. Not everyone who submits an application will be accepted to the training.

Applicants may apply to facilitate Cultivate Connection as a couple or as an individual. Each person applying should fill out their own application.

If you are applying to facilitate as an individual, your spouse or parenting partner (if applicable) will be required to attend a Cultivate Connection Course. Alternatively, they may participate in Phase 1, the online portion of training, to ensure that your parenting methods are in alignment as a household. The spouse/partner will not attend Phase 2 or become an active Cultivate Connection Facilitator upon completion of Phase 1.


Use our interactive map to contact a Cultivate Connection Facilitator near you and find out about upcoming courses!


If you are a professional and seeking to be trained in your professional capacity, please visit the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development website at to learn more about the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) practitioner training.