You may have questions or need additional information about Empowered To Connect Train-the-Trainer.  If so, be sure to read through the following FAQs that cover the most common questions people ask about Empowered To Connect Train-the-Trainer. After you read through them, if you still have unanswered questions feel free to contact us.

I am married. Can I attend Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer without my spouse?

We require couples to participate in and attend ETC Train-the-Trainer together because we want to prepare and equip couples to teach other couples (as well as single parents). We believe it is important to engage both mom and dad with this training (see our explanation of why require married couples to attend training together), and so we believe it is critical to train couples as trainers to incorporate the perspectives and roles of both moms and dads. Having trained right at 200 couples as parent trainers to date, we have found that couples are most effective in training other couples.

I am single. Can I attend Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer?

At this time we are not able to accept single parents into the Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer course. We desire to serve single adoptive and foster parents and we welcome and encourage single parents to attend the Empowered to Connect Parent Training. However, we are currently only training married couples as trainers because of our desire to offer the parent training to both spouses together. As our resources and ability to train more trainers expands, we will consider offering the train-the-trainer course to singles as well.

I am an adoptive or foster parent and I am primarily looking for training to help me be a better parent. Is Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer right for me?

No, Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer is designed to prepare and equip you to lead a ministry and teach Empowered to Connect Parent Training to other parents and caregivers. There is no doubt that Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer will help you become a better and more effective parent, but it is not designed as a parent training course.  Instead, Train-the-Trainer is designed to prepare and equip couples to train other couples.  If you are looking for parent training we recommend that you attend an upcoming Empowered to Connect Conference, find out if an Empowered to Connect Parent Training course is being offered in your area, or check out the wide-ranging resource library.

I am an adoption/foster care professional. Can I attend Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer?

No, Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer is designed to train parents to teach, train, and mentor other parents. While we understand and greatly value the important role of adoption/foster professionals, this training is focused as a peer-to-peer training experience.  However, The Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development do offer a training (Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) training) several times each year for professionals.  You can find out more about this professional training at HERE.

How much of a commitment is Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer?

It’s a significant commitment, both during the course and beyond. The train-the-trainer process itself is eight weeks long: seven weeks of remote learning (homework), followed by the three-day in-class training. But then the real commitment begins. After participants have completed Train-the-Trainer they return to their community and begin to plan and prepare to offer the Empowered to Connect Parent Training to those in their church and community. Being an Empowered to Connect Trainer is a big commitment but also a tremendous opportunity – an opportunity to positively impact the lives of both parents and children and help them grow.

Why is homework required as part of Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer?

There is only one way for us to transmit all of the information that we believe is needed to prepare you to teach the Empowered to Connect Parent Training to other parents, and that is to ask participants to complete a series of homework assignments over the seven weeks leading up to the three-day in-class training. (We actually call the homework “pre-training assignments” (rather than homework) to make you feel a bit better about it all.)

Keep in mind that the Empowered to Connect Parent Training is based on the Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) model developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and her colleagues at the Institute of Child Development. The TBRI Practitioner Training is designed for professionals and requires participants to complete 40 hours of pre-training homework, 40 hours of in-class training, and an additional 20 hours of post-training follow-up. Like our colleagues at the KPICD, we want participants to have a complete and solid foundation so they can be effective in training other parents.  Therefore, the weekly homework assignments are an essential component of the training.

Each week the homework assignment is provided electronically on Sunday evening and participants are expected to turn the completed assignment in by the following Sunday.  The length of time required to complete each week’s assignment varies based on a number of factors, most especially a participant’s level of familiarity with the core material prior to beginning Train-the-Trainer.  On average, participants should expect to spend approximately eight hours per week completing the assignments.

What is the total cost to attend Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer?

The course fee is $500 (per couple). In addition, participants are required to obtain certain books and DVDs that they will need for the training. The cost of the resources depends on how many of these titles you already have. Typically, Train-the-Trainer participants have some, but not all, of the titles, and therefore the cost of the resources varies per couple.  Finally, participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

I want to take the next step to register for an upcoming Empowered To Connect Train-the-Trainer. What should I do?

You will need to complete the Empowered To Connect Trainer Assessment Questionnaire.  The questionnaire will be made live when we are accepting applications.

Why am I required to complete an assessment questionnaire before being accepted to participate in Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer?

We recognize that Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer is a significant investment of time and financial resources as well as a significant ongoing commitment to train other families.  By completing the assessment questionnaire we are able to better ensure that Empowered to Connect Train-the-Trainer is a good fit for you, that you are a good fit for the training that we offer, and that you will be an effective trainer.


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